What is an ita Bag?

What is an ita bag?

An ita-bag is a bag that is covered with anime badges and also plush toys. As this type of bag creates a sensation of being 'odd and also overstated' (Note: ita, the Japanese word for 'painful', has this undertone), it is known as a 'painful bag' (ita-bag).

At Mybagcraft, you can begin making the ita-bag of your dreams! We offer numerous items, varying from an Ita-Bag Base to Ita-bag decorations, which you can utilize to make your creations simpler, much more intriguing, and highly customized. There is no right or upside-down to make an ita-bag, as well as essentially anything can be put on the surface of your bag to produce an one-of-a-kind ita-bag.

1. What is an ita-bag?
I understand that a number of you have a preferred anime or manga character that you enjoy and also appreciate, and you utilize numerous methods to reveal your admiration for them, such as getting posters that portray them or hanging out to practice drawing pictures of them. There is a recently introduced approach that you can utilize to demonstrate your admiration of this character. This is referred to as an ita-bag (itabag). If you have actually gone to Japan, it is most likely that you saw people there with bags covered with various badges, particularly in areas such as Ikebukuro and also Akihabara.

I will be telling you regarding ita-bags, an essential as well as adjustable accessory for any admirer of anime as well as manga culture!

Ita-bags are a type of bag that does not have the very same look as a bag. Its surface is actually packed with keychains, images, badges, or other items that portray your preferred character! These bags have a tendency to look odd or unusual, which is how they got their name!
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In Japanese, it is led to as 痛バッグ, in which 痛 is 'pain' as well as バッグ is bag, otherwise called 'painful bag! These bags do not create their proprietors physical pain. Nevertheless, to those not familiar with anime as well as manga culture, these bags might seem a little weird or complex.

Ita-bags often tend to have a translucent home window or extra plastic coating, which can guarantee that its contents will be protected from being broken.

History of Ita-bags
Ita-bags are not a new fad, however stemmed around 15 or 20 years ago among admirers of a type of songs called aesthetic kei. They put images of their favorite musicians and attach them to clothing as well as accessories. This appears like a preferred practice of 1980s and 90s rock-and-roll admirers, that connect band-related spots and pins to their apparel. They demonstrate their recognition for their oshimen, or favored music group member, by covering their apparel as well as bags with spots and also pins. Particularly, these bags are planned to tell others that 'I enjoy this group member!'
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Anime as well as otaku ita-bags stand for a comparable trend. Admirers of particular personalities generally cover these bags with photos of the character they such as the most, as this shows their recognition of the character as well as of their favorite team participant.

Which locations as well as times are suitable for bring ita-bags?
There is really no specific time when ita-bags appropriate or not, as hobbies are something that we all appreciate.
However, many people bring them along when seeing anime-themed dining establishments or participating in otaku conventions. These bags are especially widespread in places where otaku hang around, as well as they permit you to reveal that you appreciate your favored character.

Where can you go to situate things to attach to an ita-bag?
You can affix all examples to an ita-bag, as there can be one or many of them! There are no constraints to the variety of points that can be attached. I also advise you to participate in an anime convention so you can have a first-hand check out the wide array of sizes and shapes of these bags.

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Assembling your very own ita-bag that you can enjoy making use of is extremely time- and also labor-intensive. Nonetheless, this procedure is ultimately beneficial due to the fact that it is based upon your own effort. That is the important part, isn't it?

Is it real that the bag weighs a lot?
Yes, it considers quite a lot. It absolutely evaluates a lot, which is something I can not emphasize enough.

Ita-bags often tend to consider a couple of kilograms, and also can apply some stress and anxiety on your shoulders. It may appear commonplace, yet the majority of admirers of anime agree to deal with the extra weight. It represents your interest for as well as dedication to your pastime.

I noticed that the ita-bags have an additional plastic layer, what is its objective?
This additional layer is intended to make sure that the things you attach to the ita-bag are not harmed, while additionally stopping them from connecting to other individuals or their belongings at huge occasions such as anime conventions.

This aspect was not originally component of the ita-bag, but was vital once there were concerns with it not being included in the bag. It was at first challenging to situate clear bags with appropriate sizes, yet the majority of ita-bags presently on the market include this plastic layer.

Love multicolour itabag
These bags resemble those from Mybagcraft and also have transparent heart-shaped panels or an interior My Tune design. Our name for them is aitata-bags because aitata ways 'oops' in Japanese, which we assume is very adorable.

Mybagcraft itabag  where to get an ita bag
Various other things we offer are referred to as ita-trunk and ita-suitcases, which are larger versions of ita-bags on which admirers include photos of the personalities they such as, in addition to badges or added layers. These things extra carefully look like the badges and also pins used by music admirers.


These assist you to continually share your love of your most well-liked character with others!

The items may not cost more than a numerous hundred yen per unit. However, when a number of them are attached to a single bag, it tends to need spending a big quantity of cash. A possibility is that some products are considered highly preferable for people to acquire in public auctions, which calls for investing much more money. On top of that, the overall expense of some ita-bags exceeds that of deluxe bags. Mybagcraft provides all valuable ita bag acceories includes ita bag insert 

ita bag insert
As clarified in the past, it calls for a lot of interest for as well as dedication to your hobby to properly make your own ita-bags, and also otaku regard them as really beneficial. They are not just 'bags that have actually otaku things attached to them'! Make sure to take good treatment of your ita-bag!

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