How to Decorate ita Bag?

Step 1: the bag
Your choice of bag is really vital.

It needs enough surface area to fit all your devices, with solid material to keep them dealt with and also safe. The handles and/or straps need to be as sturdy as well as comfortable on your shoulder( s) as possible. A plastic/vinyl outer layer's constantly a great suggestion, to secure your decorations and still reveal them off.
Large ita bag backpack
There are 2 vital styles that otaku typically go for: 'ita' tote bags and also 'ita' backpacks. To reinforce the (misdirected?) sex stereotype, it's kinda hard to locate ita bags in 'male' and even 'unisex' styles. There are pros and cons for every kind of bag.

A tote bag provides you lots of empty fabric room to deal with. Accessories fit outside, with room for all your stuff inside. They're carried on one arm, which puts all the bag's weight on one hand, elbow joint or shoulder.

Step 2: the decorations
The most convenient method to secure designs is to pin them on-- so you'll see a great deal of badges on ita bags. Place it in this manner, we've never seen anybody usage adhesive or tape.

For anime enthusiasts and also idolizer fans, discovering pertinent badges is pretty easy. It's always less complicated to find devices that rep newer and also much more popular programs. Today, Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, Attack on Titan, and also One Punch Man. Some are always mosting likely to be prominent: Sailor Moon's a great instance of that.
ita bag insert
Step 3: the setup
Don't connect anything just yet. Play around with positioning the decors before pinning them on.

A significant badge or accessory will be the major emphasis. Also if you weren't intending on it-- people will naturally spot something like that very first. So attempt placing bigger bits and items, and after that add smaller sized ones around them.
ita bag backpack
If you're an ita bag beginner, you might not have numerous badges as well as pins to work with. That's completely great. On the various other end of the scale, usage sufficient decors and also the bag itself could be entirely unnoticeable when you're done. That's likewise fine.

Something to consider is whether you want the look to be in proportion or random. For true balance, you'll need an identical variety of each decoration. It's not uncommon for followers to acquire 10, 20, or even more of the very same badge, just to obtain the appearance right.

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